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Mobile / Web App

You can trust our expertise to build your Hight quality and cross-platform and native Mobile Apps. Let your Web Apps be built by our experts and taste continuously the quality of our output.

Artificial Intelligence

In IA², we build projects and we make sure, to put them on track with up to date and strategic technologies

DevOps / CI / QA

All is integrated into very smooth development process providing an optimized continuous integration. Automated deployment, Metrology, Infrastructure as Code are our friends.

How do you get a quality product fast?

Our optimised Modus operandi

Agile / SCRUM

You can thank agile management and particularly SCRUM (and our mastery of it) for its boost of efficiency. You will be closely following and monitoring the progress of our work on your product, so we make sure that each part of our efforts builds up to the most essential features of your MVP.

Continuous Delivery

Your product will be deployable at any point, while being built on a daily basis, because we integrate new code several times a day. The high quality of your product is ensured since each integration is verified by an automated build and automated tests, as well as by our QA (Quality Assurance) experts.

Remote Collaboration

You can follow up the work in progress in real time and intervene when necessary, without trips and live meetings. It will be intuitive and easy for you to integrate our well established system for remote collaboration based on the most adapted and efficient tools.

Why are we so awesome?

Our legendary expertise

Springboot / Angular

We make your projects benefit from our expertise on this standard and proved very solid stack


We run a variety of QA (Quality Assurance) test cases which simulate a large range of use scenarios, load factors, environmental combinations, edge cases, and other influencing variables. This way, we guarantee early defect detection and fix. Your customers will have nothing to complain about.

MEAN stack

If you work with us, prepare to be impressed by our mastery of the most requested technological stack: the MEAN stack (MongoDb, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS). This means that any specificity you have in mind, we easily bring it to you and to your customers in an incredibly short time to market.

Happiness at work

Fun is a serious matter

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is an ethos in IA². We hold monthly sessions where our teams gather for:

Get it Done

Test your MVP in the real market before any of the competition gets to it and trust us completely with a timely software development. We guarantee you a product of quality that meets the latest technological standards and the technology demands of the future.

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